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Alpaca Market HQ

507 Calles St suite 100

Austin, TX 78702



Mon- Fri 8 AM- 4 PM

Closed Sat- Sun



This is our Story

At Alpaca Market, we believe food is more than food. It is fuel. It becomes your cells, your actual 

chemical make-up. So what goes in must be the best it can be! But, let’s face it, healthy food has a bad 

rap for not tasting the best. Our mission is to delight your taste buds with fun chef crafted dishes 

(that your cells will thank you for)!


Joe and Brittaney Kerby founded Alpaca Market as the culmination of the food journey they began when

finding out their oldest son, Noah, had severe food allergies, including gluten and soy. This is when their

food adventure began and the Kerby’s made it their mission to feed their family really good-for-you food. 

But, all of the millions of taste buds in the little mouths they were feeding demanded this good-for-you

food be delicious. Their in-home kitchen turned into a test kitchen for all things good that taste good.

Then the family started serving their passion foods to friends and more family. The family prayed,

traveled, and prayed and traveled and knew in their hearts it was time to change the world with a Food 

Revolution. The Kerby’s are passionate about local farming and the rest is history…or about to be. Cruz 

calls their food Yum-bo…you will call it delicious!


Welcome to Alpaca Market, friends! We’re here to change the world one jar a time. Won’t you join us?

The Kerby Family